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......@@ -43,6 +43,9 @@ Start SOCTools:
Stop SOCTools:
* `ansible-playbook -i inventories soctools.yml -t stop`
## Errors building SOCTools
If there are any errors during building of SOCTools then it is often best to start from the top. The easiest way is to delete any existing Docker images that are already built and then restart the installation. To prune existing Docker images run `docker system prune -a`. This command will delete all images so it assumes that SOCTools is the only service running on the server.
## Certificates
To access the web interfaces of the various services in SOCTools, you need to import the root certificate located in `secrets/CA/ca.crt`. For windows the CA certificate should be installed in the Trusted Root Certficiation Authorities store.
User authentication is done using client certificates. A certificate is generated automatically for all users specified in the file `group_vars/all/users.yml`and can be found in the directory `secrets/certificates`. Passwords for the certificates can be fdound in the directory `secrets/passwords`
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