Commit 5a8fe694 authored by Václav Bartoš's avatar Václav Bartoš
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Fixed MISP init config - disable advanced authkeys

The advanced_authkeys feature is now enabled by default, but our scripts don't work with it -> it must be disabled before any user is created.
parent bfdb689e
......@@ -9,6 +9,7 @@
- {"var":"Plugin.CustomAuth_enable","value":"true"}
- {"var":"Plugin.CustomAuth_header","value":"X_REMOTE_USER"}
- {"var":"Plugin.CustomAuth_disable_logout","value":"true"}
- {"var":"Security.advanced_authkeys","value":"false"}
- {"var":"MISP.external_baseurl","value":"https://{{soctoolsproxy}}:6443"}
- {"var":"","value":"true"}
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