Commit 20c49beb authored by Václav Bartoš's avatar Václav Bartoš
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Set up compression of rotated NiFi logs

NiFi logs can take up to 3 GB per node in default configuration. This configures log rotation in a way that old log files are gzipped and therefore much smaller.
parent 5a8fe694
......@@ -58,6 +58,15 @@
dest: "{{ ansible_facts.env['NIFI_HOME'] }}/conf/"
- name: Configure compression of NiFi log files
# NiFi log files can consume ~3GB (on each node) in default configuration.
# Add ".gz" to the filename pattern, which enables compression of rolled log files
remote_user: nifi
path: "{{ ansible_facts.env['NIFI_HOME'] }}/conf/logback.xml"
regexp: '\.log</fileNamePattern>'
replace: '.log.gz</fileNamePattern>'
- name: Copy authorizations.xml
remote_user: nifi
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