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Removed tabs from YAML file

parent 0f12f240
vlans: vlans:
- name: vlan 1234 - name: vlan 1234
description: "[UNI] Panopticon" description: "[UNI] Panopticon"
port_type: svi port_type: svi
ip_address: ip_address:
ipv6_address: 2001:770:6:1705::1/64 ipv6_address: 2001:770:6:1705::1/64
ip_helper_address: ip_helper_address:
- address: - address:
- address: - address:
# #
vrrp_group: 1 vrrp_group: 1
vrrp_ip: vrrp_ip:
vrrp_priority: 60 vrrp_priority: 60
vrrp_auth: sooper_seekrit vrrp_auth: sooper_seekrit
vrrp_preempt: True vrrp_preempt: True
# #
shutdown: False shutdown: False
default: False default: False
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