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* `pip install --upgrade pip uwsgi`
* `pip install -r requirements.txt`
# Configure ECCS2
1. Configure ECCS2 properties
* `vim` (and change it on your needs)
* `vim` (and change it upon your needs)
2. Configure ECCS2 cron job for your local user (`debian` into this example):
* `sudo crontab -u debian -e`
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# Run ECCS2 manually
* `cd ~/eccs2`
* `./` (to run a full and clean check)
* `./` (to run a full check on the existing inputs)
* `./ --idp <IDP-ENTITYID>` (to run check on a single IdP)
* `./ --idp --test` (to run a full check on a single IdP without effects)
* `./ --test` (to run a full check without effects)
* `./ --idp <IDP-ENTITYID> --test` (to run check on a single IdP without effects)
The "--test" parameter will not change the result of ECCS2, but will write the output on the `logs/stdout_YYYY-MM-DD.log` file.
# ECCS2 API Development Server
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* `/api/test` (Trivial Test)
* `/api/eccsresults` (Return the results of the last check ready for ECCS Gui)
* `/api/eccsresults?<parameter>=<value>`:
* `/api/eccsresults?<parameter1>=<value1>&<parameter2>=<value2>`:
* `date=2020-02-20` (select date)
* `idp=` (select a specific idp)
* `idp=` (select a specific idp)
* `status=` (select specific ECCS2 status)
* 'OK'
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