Commit 40da18c2 authored by Martin van Es's avatar Martin van Es
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Let the cacher invalidate signed entities instead of the reloader

parent 7e7a9d17
......@@ -77,15 +77,15 @@ def read_metadata(signum, frm):
for entity_descriptor in root.findall('md:EntityDescriptor', ns):
entityID = entity_descriptor.attrib.get('entityID', 'none')
sha1 = hasher(entityID)
print(f"{{sha1}}{sha1} {entityID}")
entity_descriptor.set('validUntil', validUntil)
entity_descriptor.set('cacheDuration', cacheDuration)
entity = Entity() = entity_descriptor
entity.valid_until = valid_until
print(f"{{sha1}}{sha1} {entityID}")
idps[sha1] = entity
signed.pop(sha1, None)
old_idps.pop(sha1, None)
# signed.pop(sha1, None)
found += 1
for idp in old_idps:
idps.pop(idp, None)
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